About Us

Atomic Egg Transcription was founded by two fastidious individuals out of the idea that people and businesses have better ways to spend their time (other than transcribing) after a super-long day. Rather than toiling, hands on keyboard, to conquer the work of converting mountains, or mole-hills, of audio into a more meaningful format (the written word) why not let our professionals comfortably take your place?




This is where the Atomic Egg comes in. Atomic Egg enjoys these kinds of things. Atomic Egg Transcription offers you the ability to relax knowing you have put your work in the hands of individuals who are educated, professional and will earn your trust from the start of your project to the very end. We know that accuracy and dependability are of upmost importance to you just as they are of upmost importance to us.


We know you have a need for speed and will work with you to meet any deadlines you may have. And we pledge to provide our services to you at a most affordable price. We pledge to treat you, our clients, as if you are our first and only customer. Our personalized service is bar none.


Nobody can beat Atomic Egg Transcription for quality, service and price.