Welcome to the world of audio transcription, the business tool that is often overlooked and underappreciated by busy executives, individuals and especially, small businesses. You may think transcription services are used exclusively by large firms, attorneys, medical facilities and scholars. But in today’s world everyone can benefit from audio transcription.


* Statistics show that people still prefer to read what they have just heard on audio.

* Transcripts can effectively provide a tool for increasing one’s knowledge base.


Here at Atomic Egg Transcription, our audio transcription services allow you to focus on what is important in your business and leave the art of transcribing your audio to us.

Preserving such audio files through transcription will become an invaluable resource within your workplace and in your home.



Atomic Egg Transcription Recommends Transcribed Audio For…

Business Owners

Non-profit Organizations

Those holding meetings or events

Speakers or Lecturers

Insurance Professionals


Radio & TV Professionals

Writers, Published Authors


Academics (Students, Professors, Librarians)

Clergy (Ministers, Preachers, Churches)


Discover the Benefits of Transcribed Audio…

Allows you the ease of searching documents for key words.


Saves you the time of having to listen to the complete audio for passages or facts you need to discover now.


Reading a transcribed audio is enjoyable, thus cannot be compared to the inconvenience of listening to a less than perfect quality audio over and over again.


Allows your website or blog to be searchable through key words (search engines favor written content to audio or video) and competitive when the transcript becomes content that others have a keen interest in.


Turns your market research, business & personal interviews, webinars & presentations into usable information.


Turns your brainstorming, meeting-minutes, dictated notes & scripts, and any knowledge-based audio into an indispensable written document for future reference.


Audio recordings degrade over time while the written word, preserved in digital form, stands the test of time and can last forever.


Archive family audio recordings into written text to preserve memories, reunion moments and essential information for generations to come.


Preserve the magic, have that audio moment transcribed!