Frequently Asked Questions


What is transcription?

At Atomic Egg Transcription we take audio files and transcribe them into text. Atomic Egg produces exceptional custom documents in MS Word which are then sent to you electronically.


What type of transcription formats do you offer?

Of course, we can customize the transcription to your requirements, but the most popular is clean verbatim. Clean verbatim means we omit any false starts, stutters, utterances such as “um,” “uh,” and phrases such as “you know,” or “like,” when they are used as filler. We correct grammar and punctuation making the document coherent and readable.

We also offer the other extreme, verbatim. In this format every word is transcribed exactly as it is spoken including the “um’s,” “uh’s,” stutters, slang, and false starts. Original grammar is also kept intact.


How much does it cost?

At Atomic Egg Transcription we offer the highest quality, best service, at the lowest price. 50 cent per audio minute. That’s it!


When and how do you require payment?

New clients must submit 50% of the total cost of the transcription project with their first order. The balance is due upon the completion of the transcription project.


How do I submit my audio or video files for transcription?

Atomic Egg Transcription can accept your audio or video files by email or through Dropbox. Completed transcriptions are returned as Word documents or requested file format.


Can you burn the captions directly onto the video?

Yes. Atomic Egg would caution that with burned in captions you will not have the option to turn them off as they will always be visible on your video.





Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, 100% guaranteed. Your satisfaction is very important to us.       



What is Atomic Egg’s favorite breakfast food?

Well, that is a good question. I would have to say his ‘go-to’ breakfast is buttered toast.